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It's That Time of Year Again Cast Your Vote!

It’s that time of year again *que the blood curdling screams* FANGORIA’s Chainsaw Awards! Go cast your votes for the best in horror in each category!
Voting is now open, polls close on July 20, 2024

Before you get started, please review the instructions below.
1. You do not have to vote in every category; you can select “Didn’t Watch/Skip.”
2. One ballot per person, please! Duplicate votes and invalid email addresses will be disqualified.
3. Only humans are allowed to vote. Sorry bots!
Get started below to cast your votes for the best in horror. Polls close July 20th.


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Welcome to Fear Sanctuary

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Come, join us in the celebration of Horror in its many forms; Movies, TV Shows, Books, Cartoons, Anime, Comics, Holidays, and so much more.

So please, do ask for Sanctuary but be warned, it shall be given!

~ Madame Reaper

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Remember Dear Ghouls,

Be ye rich, be ye poor, Mistress Fear will eventually be knocking on your door

Be ye naughty, be ye a dear, everyone eventually dances with Mistress Fear

~ Mistress Fear